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3i HoME for the Holidays

For more than 3 years, 3i HoME has been advancing our vision of creating a totally accessible building in a thriving area where ALL people can live, work and socialize. While there are a number of milestones still to achieve, we expect to break ground in 2024 on a 4 story, totally accessible apartment building to be located in the Town Center currently under construction at The Downs in Scarborough.  


In order for us to secure the requisite assistive technology for Maine's first 3i HoME Residence → This is where we could use your support! 

To accomplish this we are looking to raise $15,000 this holiday season. As you are checking people off of your holiday checklist, please remember 3i Housing of Maine and your friends, family, and colleagues who are living with a disability.

Join us over the next few weeks to hear highlights of our work and how your support is making a difference!

Join us on Tuesday, November 28 of 
#GivingTuesday 2023!


On this global day of giving we ask you to join us as we aim to raise $5,100 to support our 51 fully-accessible affordable housing units at The Downs, in Scarborough.


“This project’s state-of-the-art approach uses smart technologies that allow people to control their environment and complete daily activities independently, reducing their risk of early institutional placement and advancing diverse, active communities.” ~ Paul Linet, founder and CEO, 3i HoME


Your donation is directly supporting the development of this building and providing homes to individuals who have physical restrictions or are confined to wheelchairs but are still healthy enough to live independently.

Assistive Technology Enhancement Center (ATEC)

Our team is very excited to be bringing our Assistive Technology Enhancement Center (ATEC) to our project at The Downs in Scarborough!

ATEC will provide customized enhancements to mobility devices in order to provide desired comfort and functionality to the user while also allowing the individual to maintain control and independence.  

Once established, our staffed ATEC will be open to residents at 3i HoME at #TheDowns, as well as to members of the general community requesting custom enhancements on their mobility device to improve functionality, comfort or both. Examples include:

  • Using a 3D printer to produce a custom shaped joystick for an individual's power wheelchair, so they can more easily and safely operate the chair.

  • Adding a custom-made tray to a wheelchair, so an individual can set items on the tray, including food and drink.

  • Building a device that an individual could lean their cane against when they go to bed, so that the cane is easily available when they awake.


Not only will ATEC provide enhancements, but we will facilitate minor repairs. ATEC will help fill the gap between what insurance and warranties will cover and the expanding customization desired by users to maintain independence.

Mobility and Assistive Technology Hub or MATH

3i HoME’s Mobility and Assistive Technology Hub or MATH will be a community space for entrepreneurs, academic institutions, engineers, businesses, and other community members to come together – sharing ideas and developing products to better the lives of people with disabilities.

JASPELD, a Community Art Project

“When people pass by and see that [3i HoME] is integrating art into the project [at The Downs, Scarborough], I think they are going to know the sincerity and care about the community goes above and beyond.”

~ Dale Rogers, Owner and Artist at Dale Rogers Studio


We know that art improves communities, according to the Americans Speak Out About the Arts’ public

opinion survey; 

  • 70% of Americans believe that the “arts improve the image and identity” of their community.

  • 87% of participants believe the arts are important to quality of life.

  • 82% believe art is important to local businesses and the economy. 


^^These are all reasons we are excited to be bringing JASPELD to our project at The Downs, Scarborough.


JASPELD will be; 

  • Interactive: We envision JASPELD being a piece that community members can interact with

  • Whimsical: Geometrical, mixed media art, childlike aspects 

  • Inspiring: JASPELD will be a piece that draws on the strength and wisdom that shaped of 3i HoME vision

We are very excited to be working with Dale Rogers to bring our JASPELD sculpture to our project at The Downs in Scarborough. Our current target is set to raise $15,000 to fund this community art piece.

A Note of Gratitude

We have had an eventful 2023 and have made great progress with local, state, and federal support for our project at The Downs in Scarborough which includes 51 totally accessible and affordable rental apartments.


As we look to 2024, we are excited about the partnerships we’ve established to further define our Mobility and Assistive Technology Hub or MATH, our Assistive Technology and Enhancement Center or ATEC, and our second phase of programming, Caring Communities. More details to share in the new year. 

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