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Serving our Communities with Assistive Technology

Join us for our May 1, 2024 Mobility and Assistive Technology Hub Lunch & Learn!

One of our program initiatives is serving our communities with assistive technology. As we move closer to breaking ground on our project at The Downs,Scarborough, our Mobility and Assistive Technology Hub (MATH) and Assistive Technology Enhancement Center (ATEC) continue to move closer to the forefront as we look to serve the members of the public in Maine and beyond with these resources. 

Our Mobility and Assistive Technology Hub or MATH will be a community space for entrepreneurs, college students, engineers, businesses, and other community members to come together to collaborate to develop products and ideas to better the lives of people with disabilities. 

On October 10, 2023, 3i HoME hosted a workshop to brainstorm high-level concepts for our Mobility and Assistive Technology Hub. In attendance were representatives from the University of Maine system, the Roux Institute/Northeastern University, the University of New England, along with local and regional entrepreneurs, healthcare experts, and community leaders.

The workshop resulted in new collaborators and identified pilot opportunities for innovative assistive technology devices. The main outcomes included;

  • Four universities have expressed support for MATH and getting the work started in the next several months with a transition to Scarborough when our building is complete

  • Creating a schedule for pilot to begin in next six months

  • Creating tech advisory board in next six months

  • Framed up a concept of control over MATH at The Downs Project as part of a funding contribution

According to a 2022 estimate by Coherent Market Insights, the global assistive technology market was nearly $23 billion with strong annual growth expected. Our goal is to help foster innovation, thus guiding investments to help address the needs of millions of Americans with a disability.

On May 1, 2024 at 11:30 AM ET, we are hosting our MATH Lunch & Learn. This free, virtual event will give the community the opportunity to hear from some of our MATH leaders about how the program is unfolding, showcase example projects that could come from MATH and answer YOUR questions!

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