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What is the vision behind 3i Housing of Maine?

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

3i Housing of Maine was founded with the goal to create affordable apartments, with a big focus on assistive technology, for people with physical disabilities.

"It’s all about giving people with disabilities the opportunity “to live with dignity and independence, just as we all want and deserve," stated Paul Linet, Founder and President of 3i Housing of Maine.

Paul's lived experience of being a caregiver to his wife, who passed away in 2016 due to complications associated with multiple sclerosis, led him to wanting to do more for individuals and families navigating the accessible, affordable housing challenges he and his wife faced.

“Upon her passing I decided that what I needed to do was draw on the experiences I and others in my network have had in navigating through different challenges caring for a loved one with disabilities,” he said.


This week, September 12-16, 2022, we are hosting our Integration, online fundraising event! We are highlighting the importance of community-based resources for residents. Throughout the week we will showcase the range of available options and the impact that person-centered services can have on individuals with disabilities.

Help us meet our goal of raising $6,000 to achieve an inclusive and truly integrated community-based living option. Integrated community housing will enable individuals to strive to learn, work, play and socialize successfully in their local environment, all while enjoying the benefits of an active, engaged lifestyle.

**This week only, all new monthly donors this week will have the 2022 value of their gift matched 3:1 and all one-time gifts are matched 1:1 (up to $3,000)!

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