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The Project

Supportive Housing for Adults with Disabilities:

A Demonstration Project

for Maine

Apartment Building

The pilot project will design and build the first of its kind residence in Maine for adults with disabilities who wish to live independently.  
Residents will be provided community based services to demonstrate that, as a result of supportive housing, frequent hospitalizations and emergency department visits can be substantially reduced.



Some 8% of Maine residents ages 18 to 64 live with a mobility disability that significantly impacts their activities of daily living.

Whether due to chronic illness (e.g., multiple sclerosis or other neurological disease), traumatic injury (e.g., car accident) or other life altering occurrence (e.g., injury during military service), many of these individuals require stable housing and personal care/community based assistance in order to live independently.

+ Taken from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This figure is in line with the limited stock of housing that is available nationally to people with mobility limitations.  “According to one estimate, fewer than 4% of housing units qualify as 'livable' for people who have moderate mobility problems, and even fewer are wheelchair accessible.  These supply constraints amplify the affordability difficulties of . . . people with disabilities who are on fixed incomes.”


3i Housing of Maine is a non-profit organization working to create Independent community based living options for adults with disabilities through Innovative affordable housing and Integrated support services. 


All people should move through

the world on their own terms.

Our Community in Development

Proposed Plan

In partnership with our co-developer, 3i HoME is designing a fully-accessible affordable residential building in Greater Portland, Maine conveniently located near transportation, employment, shopping and services.  Our plans are for affordable rental apartments that will be home to approximately 45 households in which at least one member is disabled. In addition to the private rental apartments, a common living area for social activities, designated work space for service providers, along with an extra studio apartment for overnight personal care attendants are being considered.

The apartments will be universally designed for easy mobility with or without a wheelchair. Bathrooms, kitchens and all living areas will be barrier free and the entire building will be wired for adaptable environmental controls and smart home functionality.

View Our Vision

To the extent possible, the building will be modeled after a residence recently opened in Calgary, Alberta Canada. (see video below)

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