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3i Housing of Maine

3iHoME: Supportive Housing for People with Disabilities

3i Housing of Maine is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working to create Independent community based living options for adults with disabilities through Innovative affordable housing and Integrated support services. 


The 3i HOME model features smart assistive technology and innovative service offerings providing people with disabilities the opportunity to control their living environment and fully engage in their communities. 


People with disabilities who find themselves challenged to complete activities of daily living are at risk of institutional placement well before their time. Our residents will be empowered to manage their own lives in a supportive, accessible environment.


Our community is being built in a thriving, diverse, mixed-income neighborhood near transportation, employment, shopping, social and recreational activities, and services. Residents will have opportunities to experience the tranquility of their accessible home and the vibrancy of their neighborhood.

Support 3i HoME

Every dollar we raise will go towards building universally designed, totally accessible supportive housing that will serve as a model for Maine and beyond. 

**3i Housing of Maine does not sell or share a donor's personal information with any unrelated entity, nor do we generate electronic transmissions on behalf of other organizations.

"Although I’m a full-time wheelchair user, because my spouse is a willing and able caregiver, I enjoy a certain degree of independence. If not for her, I would be relegated to a nursing facility well before my time..."


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