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Empowered Integrated Community Living

Empowered Integrated Community Living

Integrated is one of the three ‘i’s’ of 3i HoME. Our model of supportive housing is designed to offer all residents with choices of integrated technology and services options through coordination of a person-centered planning process. Coupled with our location, the 3i HoME experience will promote community inclusion and equity for people with disabilities.

We recently announced the location of our first project, an approximately 50 unit, fully-accessible affordable residential building at the Town Center at The Downs in Scarborough Maine. The Downs represents the revival of an iconic destination where residential and commercial elements support each other and retail and recreation knit the planned community together, setting a new standard for a modern live-work-play lifestyle. This location and our fully-accessible affordable residential building opens opportunities for choice and autonomy.

Community integration enables individuals to strive to learn, work, play and socialize successfully in their local environment, all while enjoying the benefits of an active, engaged lifestyle.

According to the National Council on Disability, research shows that this trend has resulted in better life outcomes for people with disabilities. Compared with people with disabilities who live in larger congregate settings or institutions, people with disabilities who live in small community settings have a higher overall quality of life, more friends, more opportunities to make choices about their lives, more opportunities to develop and maintain skills, and higher satisfaction with their living arrangements.*

In order to truly fulfill community living for people with disabilities, it is crucial that living options be fully integrated in the community instead of duplicating institutional environments in smaller buildings. For this reason, having our first project at The Downs is particularly important.

3i HoME’s Founder and President, Paul Linet, believes that the non-profit organization’s development at The Downs can set a new standard for home and community living for a segment of the population that has had little choice. According to Linet, people with disabilities not only face the challenge of the affordable housing crisis but also a shortage of accessible homes where they can navigate and live on their own. We’re excited about our project at The Downs in Scarborough where we are creating a community that will be one of inclusion and self-determination.”

As the 3i HoME project continues to develop, community integration remains among the most important aspects to consider to ensure future residents the opportunity to make person-centered decisions and an independent life they envision for themselves.


This week, September 12-16, 2022, we are hosting our Integration, online fundraising event! We are highlighting the importance of community-based resources for residents. Throughout the week we will showcase the range of available options and the impact that person-centered services can have on individuals with disabilities.

Help us meet our goal of raising $6,000 to achieve an inclusive and truly integrated community-based living option. Integrated community housing will enable individuals to strive to learn, work, play and socialize successfully in their local environment, all while enjoying the benefits of an active, engaged lifestyle.

**This week only, all new monthly donors this week will have the 2022 value of their gift matched 3:1 and all one-time gifts are matched 1:1 (up to $3,000)!


*National Council on Disability, Deinstitutionalization Toolkit: Community inDETAIL (“Community inDETAIL”), pp. 13-14 (2012), available at inDetail/

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