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Introducing the 3i HoME Newsletter — Fall 2021 Edition

It’s been a little more than one year since 3i HoME was established as a 501c3 non-profit organization. During that time, our team has made great strides in promoting permanent affordable, supportive housing for people with disabilities in Maine. We expect the upcoming year to be a defining one: one in which we begin implementation of our pilot project. This quarterly newsletter is being launched to report on the progress of the 3i HoME Model, to provide updates on important milestones and events, and to create a stronger community. Please share this newsletter with your network. We are now transforming the 3i HoME vision into more than a physical structure. We are building a vibrant and integrated community of independence, innovation, and inclusion. On behalf of the entire 3i HoME team, thank you for your support and for being part of this collective effort. In gratitude, Paul Linet Founder & President

Celebrating our recent successes

Meet our development partner: POAH 3i HoME is partnering with an experienced, Boston-based leader POAH (The Preservation of Affordable Housing) to develop our supportive/affordable housing project in southern Maine. With more than 12,000 housing units under management in 11 states, POAH carries projects from inception through financing, renovation and construction, and stabilization under new permanent financing. POAH is fully aligned with the 3i HoME mission. The 3i-POAH team is actively engaged in negotiations to secure a site for our permanent affordable housing model.

Expanding our team 3i HoME continues to grow and diversify our Board of Directors and Panel of Advisors. We recently welcomed Betsy White to the Board of Directors and Diane Pinchuk and Mary Crossley to our Panel of Advisors. Betsy is a Co-Managing Director of Consensus Advisors and brings her experiences as a CFO to the role of Treasurer at 3i HoME. Mary is a Professor of Law, and Director of the Health Law Program at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. Diane serves as General Counsel for Innovia LLC, Innolene LLC and InnoCare Urologics, LLC, biomedical engineering companies headquartered in Miami, Florida. We are thrilled to have Betsy, Mary, and Diane as integral members of our team and know that their expertise and guidance will be invaluable. Establishing the “3i IHAT” One of the pillars of the 3i HoME model is that improved quality of life for our community members is dependent on the use of innovative technology. We are grateful to one of our Board members, Mitch Sturgeon, for sharing his expertise as we engage with businesses, educational, health and social services agencies, and consumers to create a consortium of stakeholders to fashion an innovative hub of assistive technology.

Check out Mitch's own smart home:

We’re part of the national conversation concerning affordable housing & services Achieving stable housing options for vulnerable members of our community is, to put it mildly, one of the most critical challenges of our time. The ongoing conversations, formulation of policy spending thresholds, and resolve to address the social challenges highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic illuminate the critical need for affordable housing AND person-centered support services–the prescription that 3i HoME has been promoting since we began operations.

  • President Biden makes the case for expanding Medicaid in order to support the home and community-based supports.

  • If the scope of President Joe Biden's social spending plan is too large to grasp, then consider Nancy Slomba of Western New York state. She spends 84 hours a week caring for her son who has cerebral palsy and needs assistance to bathe, get in and out of bed, and leave the family’s house.

  • The Biden Administration’s Build Back Better Framework promises to deliver “affordable, high-quality care for older Americans and people with disabilities in their homes, while supporting the workers who provide this care.” Additionally, “the framework will enable the construction, rehabilitation, and improvement of more than 1 million affordable homes, boosting housing supply and reducing price pressures for renters and homeowners.”

"For the most part, people who require a personal assistance service to live independently are not receiving a service which meets their needs to have choice and control over their lives."

Meet James Cawley, a wheelchair user and advocate for affordable and accessible housing for adults with physical disabilities in Ireland. Rather than an article written by a disabled person in Ireland, could this have been written by someone you know in Maine?

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